Customized Lighting Software

This is a work in progress - a fork of open source QLC+ lighting software designed specifically to be controlled by a DAW / MIDI sequencer.

If you’d like to try it, source code is available on my GitHub page. Build instructions are available on the wiki of the upstream project.

The primary differences from the original by Massimo Callegari are:

  • Additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Many existing keyboard shortcuts changed to avoid collisions with OS shortcuts
  • Function Picker dialog box now defaults to Running Functions
  • Add To Chaser button in the Scene Editor no longer makes a copy of the current Scene
  • Ability to enter “i” for Infinity duration in Chasers & Sequences
  • Ability to enter “d” for Default for fade in / fade out in Chasers & Sequences
  • Virtual Console Cue List widget “Steps” mode has been altered:
    • Assign a MIDI CC to control the Cue List
    • Send a value from 1 - 127 on that CC through IAC to QLC+
    • The Cue List will jump directly to the step numbered the same as the CC value

The new keyboard shortcuts are:

Alt/Option-1 Fixtures
Alt/Option-2 Functions
Alt/Option-3 Shows
Alt/Option-4 Virtual Console
Alt/Option-5 Simple Desk
Alt/Option-6 Inputs/Outputs
Cmd/Ctrl-R Stop All Functions
Cmd/Ctrl-T Live/Edit Mode
Cmd/Ctrl-E Virtual Console Live Edit
Cmd/Ctrl-L Function Live Edit
Alt/Option-R (Function picker) Running Functions
Alt/Option-A (Function picker) All Functions
Virtual Console:
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-B New Button
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-M New Button Matrix
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-S New Slider
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-I New Slider Matrix
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-K New Knob
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-D New Speed Dial
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-X New XY Pad
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-C New Cue List
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-R New Animation
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-A New Audio Triggers
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-F New Frame
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-O New Solo Frame
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-L New Label
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-T New Clock
Function Manager:
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-S New Scene
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-C New Chaser
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-E New EFX
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-O New Collection
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-R New RGB Matrix
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-T New Script
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-A New Audio
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-V New Video
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-N New Folder
Scene Editor:
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-Right Next Tab
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-Left Previous Tab
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-Down Switch between tab view and all channels view
Shift-Cmd/Ctrl-Up Copy current values to all (selected) fixtures